Tuesday, February 25, 2014

College Students, Faculty and the Traditional Martial Arts

Students, staff & faculty at Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, Mesa Community College, Chandler-Gilbert Community College, AT Still University and the University of Phoenix have the unique opportunity to learn traditional Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate. The kanji used to write Shorin-Ryu translates as Pine Forest Style in Japanese and as Shaolin Style in Chinese indicating this form of karate descended from the famous Shaolin Monks in China. However, Okinawa's masters of martial arts tweaked the Shaolin Gung-Fu and developed Okinawan karate.

Not only is traditional bushido taught at the Arizona Hombu, but there is also the opportunity to learn bujutsu (samurai arts) such as iaido, naginata-jutsu, bojutsu, hanbojutsu, sojutsu, jujutsu as well as martial arts history, philosophy, meditation, breathing, and philosophy. In addition to these traditional arts, some very unusual self-defense training is offered. As a professor, you are always carrying weapons of self-defense - imagine how you would use your glasses, pen, car keys, belt, laptop, etc for self-defense. As a student, you probably have a book, magazine and more that can also be used as weapons.

Its hard to grow anything in Phoenix. Here, Sensei Paula Borea defends here crop
of tomatoes with kuwa (hoe) as a pest (Sensei Bill Borea) tries to sneak into the backyard.
The instructors at the Arizona Hombu include Professor Hausel, who taught martial arts, martial arts history and self-defense at the University of Wyoming for 30 years. Other instructors of note include Dr. Adam, a Shihan (master of martial arts), Sensei Paula Borea, who was born in Japan and is of samurai heritage, Sensei Bill Borea a retired air force pilot also trained in Japan, and we have a nutritionist from a local hospital in Gilbert, Sensei Harden, and an engineer from Boeing, Sensei Scofield. Potential martial artists and interested individuals are encouraged to contact the martial arts club for more information.

Training in kata (forms) the most important aspect of traditional karate.

Training in bunkai (self-defense applications) from kata during self-defense classes 
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